QuickBooks Desktop Integration


QuickBooks Desktop now integrates with Receipt Bank!

You and your QuickBooks Desktop clients can benefit from the power of Receipt Bank's paperwork capture and data extraction software. Save time and offer the same in-depth service for all your clients!


Thousands of businesses all over the world use QuickBooks Desktop to run their accounts. Moving to the cloud isn’t always possible. And so, we want to bring the benefits of the cloud to as many people as possible.

This integration means that Receipt Bank’s online platform syncs directly with QuickBooks Desktop,. Your client’s company file up be brought to date in just one click. All it takes is a one-time app install and you’re ready to get started. With one easy process for sourcing and processing invoices from all your clients, you and your team can stay focused on what matters - boosting efficiency across your entire client-base.


Use QuickBooks Desktop to:

  • Collect your clients’ receipts and invoices using our simple mobile and cloud tools.

  • Read the information on your clients’ expense documents and turn it into data that’s ready to review and reconcile.

  • Upload your clients’ supplier and category lists into Receipt Bank, then sync transactions to QuickBooks Desktop quickly and easily.